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ProStaff Spotlight- Rick Williams

To know Rick is to love him! If you've been to our booth at the Raleigh Expo, you more than likely met him as well! 
Rick Williams is from Richmond, Virginia and has been an old millwright in the electric production area for about 35 years now! Anytime you talk to him, he will never forget to mention his family(his support system) and life lessons! He's married with a daughter and two granddaughters. He is also a high school fishing coach from his old high school The Fluvanna Flying Flucos. When he isn't fishing you can catch him hanging with his family or working side jobs or doing something fishing related.
He talks about how he worked hard throughout the years to make sure his family had a great foundation before he started chasing his dreams of fishing. He has asked God to guide him on the journey and let his fishing be a blessing to others along the way. 
When we asked Rick what made him get into fishing this was his response
"This crazy dream all started for me when I was about 8 years old and watching Frank White and the Southern Sportsman on tv.  Boy was I hooked. I knew that one day I had to be able to catch fish like that. On quite a few occasions I  went with my dad and uncle on a camping trips to a private pond for the weekend. All I had was a cane pole a cork and a hook. I had no idea what I was doing . I knew I wanted to catch big bass like they did. So whenever I could get on the water I was there. I remember my Mom waking me at 5:00 am so I could head to the local ponds on my bicycle with 1 rod and a small tackle box tied on to the handle bars so I could be there at first light. I guess that’s where my style of fishing originated . I’m a cranking and flipping kind of guy. That doesn’t sound like much of a style but when you had only a few lures you had to make the most of them. That jig was my depth finder and structure scan. I’d throw a jig and hit a stump or a log and if I didn’t get bit I would put that crank bait all over it . It made me thoroughly fish an area and find the best angle without ever knowing  just how important that was. I remember those days well."
His favorite time to fish is in the spring because "one can’t help but wonder when that giant bass is gonna eat your bait. 
He has used it from New York to Florida and says that's such a staple for him.
As I was talking to Rick I asked him
 "If he could give anyone any advice to get started fishing and get to his 'level'?" 
His response:
  "I get asked all the time “ How do I get to your level ?  or “How do I get started?”. My best advice is simply this . Find out what type of baits you like and use them .....a lot ! No substitute for time on the water . Keep a journal. Write down details . Weather, depth, temps and the like. Pretty soon you’ll spot patterns and begin to build a foundation. This sport like anything in life requires a solid foundation. I give my high school guys this statement a bunch. “If you prepare for everything you do in life the way you prepare for a tournament you’ll be a success. Keep God first, Family second and the rest will fall in place.
Remember you have 10,000 other guys trying to do what your doing. Do it right and stay humble.
Rick's Social Media:
Instagram : @fishingfor5 
Rick, we are blessed to have you apart of our family here Profound Outdoors  and can't wait to see what happens in the future!


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