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The Azuma Popper Z

With cooling water Temperatures approaching across much of the country, the bait forage will be making that migration to the backs of creek runs and small pockets right off the main creek channel.Azuma Popper Z
The Azuma Popper Z excels during this time as fish look for an easy meal as they store up for the cold months. The Popper Z was designed for maximum casting ability for it's size weighing in at 3/8oz and 2 3/4" long. Delivering tried and true topwater performance, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is a simple to use topwater that no tackle box should be without. Built with a slightly larger body than most typical poppers, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is crafted with a wide mouth and a deep throat, which creates a much deeper gurgling sound and a more aggressive popping action to help trigger more bites. It also features an internal rattle system to add another element of acoustic attraction that calls fish from far and wide.

To ensure a high hook-up ratio, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is fitted with two razor sharp treble hooks that deliver superior hook penetration and the power necessary to handle large aggressive fish. Offered in a wide selection of colors, the Azuma Popper Z Popper is one that you should have tied on every time you hit the water.


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