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The Azuma Z Dog

It is that time of year with the cooling water temperatures and the days getting shorter that the bass will begin feeding vigorously on bait fish.
While many think it is the water temps that trigger the movement of baitfish to the back of creek runs and pockets near channels, it is actually the shortening of the day that starts this migration. Water temperature comes into play as to how aggressive the fish will be. When those water Temps reach the mid to low 70's, the bite can be phenomenal. 
One of the best search baits is the Azuma Z Dog. The key, finding the bait that tends to be grouped in one area where the water is to their liking. Once you find the bait, the fish will be nearby. Sometimes a quick cadence will draw them to the top and sometimes, you just have to wait them out to show themselves and then place the bait right where they are feeding. Sometimes, it can get frustrating as they lock onto one particular bait fish.
 There is nothing more exciting and more effective for catching a big bass than a walking topwater bait. The Azuma Z Dog Topwater Walker features a custom design that takes the work out of walking the dog and triggers explosive blow-ups. Built with a flat bottom and a slight concave mouth, the Azuma Z Dog Topwater Walker sashays across the surface with outstanding efficiency and displaces water to create a subtle, yet agitating racket.
It also features an internal rattle system that is precisely weighted, which produces a loud knocking sound that calls fish out of cover and allows anglers to make an extremely long cast. Complete with a set of razor sharp treble hooks and premium split rings, the Azuma Z Dog Topwater Walker is a must-have for topwater technicians.

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