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T.H. 6″ Coffee Slough Creature


6″ Length

 6 or 8 Per Pack on Select Colors

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Product Description

Named after Coffee Slough, the famed cypress swamp on Pickwick Lake, the Klone 6” Coffee Slough Creature is built to maximize action and entice those bigger bites. Molded with multiple appendages including two large swimming arms, the Klone Coffee Slough Creature generates a lively action and produces a tremendous vibration even with the slightest movement.

The Klone Coffee Slough Creature excels when worked around brush or rock on a Texas-rig, but it is also very effective on a Carolina-rig and a stand-up shaky head. Poured with just the right amount of glitter and color combinations for flash and natural appeal, the Klone Coffee Slough Creature is a must-have for every tackle box.

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