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T.H. 12″ Kowikkee Worm


12″ Length Ribbon Tail

6 or 10 Per Pack on Select Colors

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Product Description

The Kowikkee Worm is named after Kowikkee Creek, on famed Lake Eufaula, which is the birthplace of fishing large plastic worms in and around off-shore structure and cover. The Klone 12” Kowikkee worm is built with a thin, but wide mesmerizing ribbon tail design and a thick body. This design pushes water, flutters, and undulates with the slightest movement which makes this worm a dominant presentation.

Ideal for ledge fishing, brush piles, and grass flats, the Klone Kowikkee Worm is absolutely deadly on a Texas-rig, but is also very effective on a Carolina-rig and an oversize shakey head. Poured under strict requirements to get a seamless balance between glitter and color combinations, the Klone Kowikkee Worm is the perfect tool to target kicker-sized bass.

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