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T.H. 13″ Eagles Nest Worm


13″ Length

6 or 8 Per Pack on Select Colors

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Product Description

The large 13″ Eagle’s nest worm is named from a popular fishing location on Cedar Creek Reservoir in Alabama. The Klone Eagles Nest Worm is molded with a flat paddle tail, that produces a soft flapping action to be more subtle than a ribbon tail worm. This is key to triggering big bites when the fish are highly pressured and lure-shy. The worm is also segmented, which allows an anglerĀ  to pinch off an exact location and adjust lure size to the conditions.

Providing versatility, the Klone Eagles Nest Worm can be fished on ledges with a magnum shaky head or Carolina-rig, and it is also very effective in shallow water around boat docks and vegetation on a Texas-rig. Offered in a range of carefully selected Timmy Horton custom color patterns, the Klone Eagles Nest Worm provides big time performance that produces even bigger bites.

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