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T.H. 4.5″ Veach Basin Worm


4.5″ Length

8 or 15 Per Pack on Select Colors

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Product Description

The Klone 4.5″ Veach Basin Worm is named after the famed Veach Basin area of Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas. The thickness of this bait adds a different action than most stick baits. This bait can be worked in a variety of techniques from floating worm style to dead sticking the bait around brush and grass flats.  All Klone soft plastics are poured to Timmy Horton’s strict requirements for just the right texture which makes fish hold on longer.

Additional Information

Colors and Options:

Green Pumpkin 8 Pack, Green Pumpkin 15 Pack, Harvest Moon 8 Pack, Harvest Moon 15 Pack, June Bug 8 Pack, June Bug 15 Pack, Muscadine Wine 8 Pack, Muscadine Wine 15 Pack, Pumpkin Violet 8 Pack, Pumpkin Violet 15 Pack, Raspberry 8 Pack, Raspberry 15 Pack, Sour Pumpkin 15 Pack, Watermelon Red-Black 15 Pack, Watermelon-Red Copper 8 Pack, Watermelon-Red Copper 15 Pack, Watermelon Seed 8 Pack, Watermelon Seed 15 Pack