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T.H. 6″ Little Bear Worm


6″ Length, Infused with BOOM Scent

8 Per Pack

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Product Description

The Timmy Horton 6″ Little Bear Worm is ideal for many fishing situations and techniques. Rig this straight tail worm on a 1/4 oz Edwin Evers Head Turner Jig to entice even the most finicky fish to bite. Rig it Texas Style weightless for skipping under docks, brush, or any other cover and let the natural fluttering movement of this bait work its magic. The smaller Little Bear Worm is perfect for pressured fish or fish that just need something more subtle to make them interested.  All Timmy Horton Soft Plastics are hand poured to Tim’s strict requirements for just the right texture which makes fish hold on longer. Tim oversaw the mixture of just the right amount of glitter and color combinations for flash and natural appeal. All of Timmy Horton’s Hand Poured Soft Plastics are infused with BOOM Scent which was designed by the fishing industries’ premier chemist. BOOM is a slow dispersing, long lasting scent that leaves a scent trail and is proven to make fish bite.

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Muscadine Wine, Raspberry, Green Pumpkin, Harvest Moon, June Bug, Pumpkin Violet, Watermelon-Red Copper, Watermelon Seed, Bubble Gum, Mythiolate, Yellow Banana, Snow White