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T.H. 7.5″ Big Bear Worm


 7.5″ Length

8  or 12 Per Pack on Select Colors

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Product Description

As seen on Timmy Horton Outdoors, the Klone 7.5” Big Bear Worm is the big brother of the Little Bear Worm. Molded with a straight tail design, the Klone Big Bear Worm features a large head and a bulbous tail, which produces a subtle quiver that fools even the wariest fish into biting.

Perfect for fishing around boat docks, brush, and deep points, the Klone Big Bear Worm can be rigged on a shaky head, drop shot, Carolina-rig, and even weightless. Poured in a variety of color patterns, the Klone Big Bear Worm delivers plus-sized attraction that produces even bigger results.

“The Big Bear has better movement than any floating worm I have ever used, period.”  Timmy Horton

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