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Timmy Horton Christmas Gift Box Option 2

Timmy Horton Christmas Gift Box Option 2

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Not sure what to get for that favorite fisherman this Christmas or maybe you want one for yourself?

Let Major League Fishing Tournament Pro Timmy Horton personally select
their gift.

The Profound Outdoors Gift Box was hand selected by Tim .The Gift Box is valued at $135 but for a limited time is on sale for $100 including shipping. Tim will also include an Autographed card as a bonus in each box.

This Box Includes:

Klone Hat

Azuma Shaker Z Knock Knock Bone White

Azuma Popper Z Gold Phathom

Azuma Bray Z Candy Shad

Azuma Square Dance Mad Gill

Matt Reed Square Boss Blazin Boss

Azuma Claud Hopper Hot Mess

Swampers Football Jig 7/16oz Missouri Craw

Azuma Z Dog Goldie Lox

Klone Crawsome Junebug

Klone Cape Fair Watermelon Seed

Edwin Evers Head Turner 1/2oz 5/0 Black

Azuma Z Boss 20 Pale Ryder

Profound Outdoors 4x6 Decal

Azuma Shaker Z Marmalade

Klone Big Sandy Raspberry

Casting Rod Sock Small Grey

Boyd Duckett Buzzbait White

Klone  Coffee Slough Creature Purple Violet

Swampers Skip and Swim Jig 9/16oz Yellowtail

Please note: Items in the box cannot be exchanged for different colors or lures due to pre-assembly by Tim to be ready in time for Christmas.



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