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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week

This week we are going  easy on the reading and doing more watching for my tip of the week. I want to discuss an old standby lure that really took the fishing industry by storm 25+ years ago but has been overlooked nowadays with the younger angling generation because of the development of new lures. This bait has stood the test of time and is one of my favorite baits to use under certain situations. This bait is also knows as a Big Bass Bait and has accounted for many tournament wins…The Spinnerbait.  My buddy Aaron Martens showed how powerful a fishing tool this can be as he used a spinnerbait  during the Bassmaster Elite last year to shine. At Profound Outdoors, we have several prostaff who use the spinnerbait during different times of the year to put big fish in the livewell. Matt Reed who is known for catching Huge Fish on spinnerbaits is one of our key designers at Profound Outdoors. I myself have designed several models of our spinnerbaits to meet my strict requirements. Check out the clip from Timmy Horton Outdoors below as I get more in-depth with the spinnerbait. Until next week….Tight Lines. Tim