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Tim’s Tip/blog

In the fishing industry, I see products come and go and every now and then, a product catches my attention that I am eager to test, study, and make changes to see if it can be an important part of my fishing arsenal. The Spy Jig is one of our newest lures to be released at Profound Outdoors and is one of those products that I have worked with and now keep at a ready. A combination swim jig and in-line spinner, this bait is very versatile. The Spy Jig can be fished in a number of situations. The most common would be running the Spy Jig just above a grass bed to target bass feeding on bream, bluegill, shad, or other forage. However, I have also found the Spy Jig to be an important tool for finicky spotted bass that are suspending above creek channel bends or off the ends of points. These fish can sometimes be very hard to entice but I have found that by slow retrieving the Spy Jig at the suspending bass’s depth can often entice even the most finicky fish. I have selected 3 colors that I think cover most of my situations; The Bull Bream, Hot Shad, and Perfect Shad. Until next time, Tight Lines.

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