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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the week

This week I want to talk about the one trait of fishing that hurts more tournament anglers than anything else, home lake knowledge. While knowing a lake can be very vital in understanding areas that fish tend to range, that knowledge can also be detrimental when an angler relies solely on past experience. So many times, anglers will use a piece of structure whether a hump, point, ditch etc without considering all the factors that influence fish. The angler focuses on places where they have caught fish in the past, maybe won a tournament and combs and combs the area hoping fish will show up, and eventually may catch a fish and then camps on the spot hoping others will show up. Using your electronics to locate bait and fish is as important as having the right fishing lure for the task at hand. Watch the video clip from Pro Patterns Exposed and you will see how the best in the fishing industry locate fish and begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle. These series are also located under the video section of Profound Outdoors and are currently on sale. Check out the fishing log and the video of Profound Prostraffer Brian Snowden explaining the importance of keeping a log. I encourage you to think outside the box when fishing. Don’t get stuck on one pattern. Several patterns may even emerge on a day of fishing depending on varying conditions.