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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week

This week I am going to talk about the early Spring bite that is right now upon us. Across the Country, anglers are gearing up for what is the most productive time of the year. Big females are leaving their deep water haunts and begin cruising flats and creeks, feeding up as we call it, getting ready for the spawn. If you didn’t catch this week’s Timmy Horton Outdoors, you missed one of our most detailed oriented shows we have done in a long time discussing the importance of the lipless crankbait. Be sure and catch us Tuesday’s, 130pm on NBC Sports. On this week’s show, I discussed Profound Outdoor’s Azuma Shaker Z Lipless Crankbait, a 9/16 oz lipless bait designed exclusively for Profound Outdoors. The Shaker Z was designed with a belly flange that gives this bait a unique action unlike anything else on the market. The weighting system allows the bait to flutter down on the stop instead of nose down like so many other lipless baits. The belly flange not only assists in this flutter action, but on a slow retrieve, it allows the bait to keep its tight action. I have used this bait for over a year and I believe that it is the best lipless bait on the market! The show has exerts from a trip last year on lake Seminole in March where the Shaker Z put on a show fishing grass flats along the main river, catching those female bass moving up for pre-spawn. My 5 best fish weighed over 29lbs !! The Shaker Z not only comes in a selection of pro designed colors, but in 3 styles as well; The regular Shaker Z with Rattles, The Knock Knock Shaker Z with one rattle, and the Mime Shaker Z which is silent. Each has a time and place making this bait productive for 12 months of the year. Early Spring, you want the rattles to attract the fish or school of fish attention.  After fish have been exposed to many rattle baits, the Knock Knock or the Mime come into play. The Mime has gained huge popularity as anglers figure out how valuable this lure is to have in their arsenal. When fish are schooling in the summer, a rattle bait can spook these fish. The Mime can deliver lights out action on these fish, especially if larger fish are suspending below the school and catching stray bait that is fleeing from the younger fish up top. The Mime is also useful when fish have become spooked in an area and become weary of baits with noise; but just because there is no noise, doesn’t mean the Mime won’t cast. Our weight system in the Mime is designed to keep the 9/16 oz to cast super long distances. My favorite colors: Aztec for grassy lakes, Blue Bahama for lakes in general but really excels in Florida lake, Silver Knight which is many anglers favorite for all around conditions, and Bone White for dingy water or cloudy conditions. With the Shaker Z Lipless bait, you have the best bait on the market made by fishermen for fishermen. Check out the video clip below and Tight Lines until next week. Tim