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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week


What an exciting Bassmaster Classic and what an ending !!! To see my good buddy and fellow Bass Pro Shop/Nitro team member Double E win it all with an incredible 29+ lbs on the final day was awesome to say the least. Its Exciting to know that we have that caliber of a Pro Fisherman and others just like Edwin here on our Design/Prostaff team of Profound Outdoors. Aaron Martens is another one of our Design/Prostaffers who finished 3rd and the legendary Boyd Duckett finished in the top 20. I’m excited with what lies ahead with Profound Outdoors and many of the products that are close to finishing the design/testing phase. We have the new Z boss 22 and 24 that are going to the tooling room as we speak and should be released within 2 months. Bassmaster Elite Angler’s Brian Snowden and Matt Reed have two new crankbaits they designed that are in the tooling room as well. Our new hand poured soft plastics that I personally selected and was part of designing have been released and have been very popular. Gary Klein ‘s Special Edition Line Minder should be in the warehouse by the end of the week and then up on the site. We have many other products in design right now that should be released sometime this year but can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. We are working diligently to restock several of our baits, especially in our Z Boss Line, that just blew the doors off with their popularity when anglers ¬†saw how productive they were on the Bassmaster and FLW Circuits. Because of some of our strict requirements for quality parts and the fact we don’t compromise in that area, production can be held up while certain components are manufactured then brought together to build a product. Assuredly and soon, we will have these baits back in stock. I am Looking foward to the coming season and sharing my experiences on the trail so until next week…Tight lines. Tim