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Tim’s Tip/blog

Fishing is in full swing across the Country with just about any springtime/summer technique you use catching fish. Here in Muscle Shoals, Al, the ledge bite is about to get good. As these fish move from their post spawn areas, they begin their migration to the river channel where they will spend the summer gorging on bait fish. I look for points and humps dropping off into the channel and use my Raymarine Graphs to locate schools of bass feeding right along the drop. My number one go to bait as everyone knows by now is the Z Boss 20 and Z Boss 25, but today, I also want to talk about another technique/tool that can work to fire up a school of fish after they have become conditioned to crankbaits and that is a Giant soft plastic. I have designed a line of soft plastics that meet every need I might encounter. These  Timmy Horton Soft Plastics have a few unique design characteristics. They are hand poured so that I get just the right softness to the bait which helps make fish bite and hold on, they incorporate a certain amount of glitter to achieve a color hue affect that helps trigger bites, and they are infused with BOOM Scent which is a powerful scent that is slowly dispersed when submerged in water and was designed for Profound Outdoors by one of the leading chemists in the fishing industry using years of knowledge and experience.

I designed 4 soft plastics for deep ledge fishing; the 11″ Big Sandy, the 12″ Kowikkee, the 13″ Eagles Nest, and the 14″ Power Line Lizard. Paired with an Edwin Evers Head Turner Stand Up Jig and you have a powerful fishing tool. Be watching and at some point you will see this combination making a noise on the pro circuit. Work these baits with different action from dragging the bait off the drop to hopping the bait and find the action that triggers the strikes. Until next time, good fishing and tight lines…

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