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Tim’s Tip/blog - 051016

Fishing is in full swing across the Country with just about any springtime/summer technique you use catching fish. Here in Muscle Shoals, Al, the ledge bite is about to get good. As these fish move from their post spawn areas, they begin their migration to the river channel where they will spend the summer gorging […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 042816

Hey friends, today I want to talk to you about a new product we are carrying at Profound Outdoors called the Sack Caddy. In my opinion, a fantastic invention with several positive points. If your boat is like mine, the powerful pump out system is great for emptying water but trying to catch that water […]

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Tims Tip/Blog of the Week - 041216

We just finished one of the most unique fisheries on this year’s tour at Winyah Bay in South Carolina. Literally hundreds of miles of rivers and swamps to choose from. Finding fish in this vast expanse of wilderness was challenging and constantly changing due to severe fronts bringing changing temperatures and high winds. Bait selection […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 033016

In many places of the country, especially the South, with the unusually warm spring temperatures, many fish have spawned and now starting their move from the back of spawning coves and flats. This can be an exciting time for fishing and one bait that is used by many pro’s during this time is a popper. […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 030816

What an exciting Bassmaster Classic and what an ending !!! To see my good buddy and fellow Bass Pro Shop/Nitro team member Double E win it all with an incredible 29+ lbs on the final day was awesome to say the least. Its Exciting to know that we have that caliber of a Pro Fisherman […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 030316

It’s an exciting week as the Bassmaster Classic kicks off the 2016 Season. Good luck to Edwin Evers, Boyd Duckett, and Aaron Martens, Our Prostaffers at Profound Outdoors who are competing in this year’s Classic. If you are visiting here at the Classic Expo, I invite you to come by and see me at either […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 022316

This week we are going  easy on the reading and doing more watching for my tip of the week. I want to discuss an old standby lure that really took the fishing industry by storm 25+ years ago but has been overlooked nowadays with the younger angling generation because of the development of new lures. […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 021716

This week I am going to talk about the early Spring bite that is right now upon us. Across the Country, anglers are gearing up for what is the most productive time of the year. Big females are leaving their deep water haunts and begin cruising flats and creeks, feeding up as we call it, […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the week - 020916

This week I want to talk about the one trait of fishing that hurts more tournament anglers than anything else, home lake knowledge. While knowing a lake can be very vital in understanding areas that fish tend to range, that knowledge can also be detrimental when an angler relies solely on past experience. So many […]

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Tim’s Tip/Blog of the Week - 020316

The Spring of the year is when anglers across the country get excited because big female bass move up out of their haunts to feed and spawn. A favorite area of mine in the Spring is large flats just off a river or creek channel.  Find a flat with grass and you may have found […]

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Tim’s Tips/Blog of the Week - 012616

On Today’s Timmy Horton Outdoors Show, I will be fishing for Spotted Bass with The Ringo Worm on an Edwin Evers’ Head Turner Stand Up Jig. One of my biggest spots ever came off this setup. The Stand Up Jig, designed by my good buddy Edwin Evers, comes in a variety of sizes for everything […]

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Just Released !! Timmy Horton’s Roll Call Buzzbait and The Swimming MJ Jig - 012516

Check out the 3/4 oz Roll Call Buzzbait designed by Bassmaster Elite Angler Timmy Horton. This is one bad buzz that will cast long distances and excel in windy conditions where others fail. Also check out the all new Swimming MJ Jig. This bait just took swim jigs to a whole new level. The added […]

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Tim’s Blog/Tip of the Week – featuring the Claud Hopper - 011916

Transition Bass As fall transitions to winter or winter transitions to spring, Bass and bait, being cold blooded creatures, want and seek warmer water. Many times, that can be found in the backs of creek runs or run-off coves when a warm rain warms the water. If you saw my show which aired last week […]

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The Claud Hopper Crankbait taking the fishing world by storm !! - 011516

The Azuma Claud Hopper, as featured on Timmy Horton Outdoors, is taking the fishing world by storm with reports from all around the country with how well the bait is working on many different lakes under many different conditions. That is the kind of results you can expect when a bait is custom designed by our […]

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“Tim’s Tips” begin January 19 on the website - 011516

Beginning this Tuesday, January 19, we will post the fishing tip of the week from Bassmaster Elite Angler Timmy Horton. A new tip will be placed in the Blog section of the website every Tuesday. These tips will be very informative with discussion of different lures for different areas of the country, for specific times of the […]

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Explanation of Field Office on Home Page - 011516

The Field Office section on the home page is for the Profound Outdoors office use to access the site for updates. Logins to place orders by former distributors are no longer required after switching to the new  website. Thanks !!

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