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Casting Rods

Casting Rods

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St. Claire 6'9" Medium Heavy (light blue): The St. Claire rod is named after Lake St. Claire, located in Southeast Michigan. It was designed to fish jerkbaits and topwater lures with ease of use. With a fast tip, yet a good backbone, this is also a good rod for target fishing for spinnerbaits, square bills, and bladed jigs.

Guntersville 7'3" Medium Heavy (Orange): Our Guntersville rod may be the most versatile rod in bass fishing. This rod excels when fishing lipless crankbaits, big spinner baits over open water, shallow to medium cranking and other applications where you need a rod with a good backbone and soft tip. The Guntersville rod is named after Lake Guntersville, one of the premiere lipless crankbait lakes in the country.

Rayburn 7'6" Heavy (Red): The Rayburn rod is name after Sam Rayburn Reservoir in east Texas. It is THE perfect rod for flipping boat docks, buck brush, vegetation, or any form of cover where you are flipping and pitching. It is also the perfect design for a Carolina rig, football jig, or big swimbaits.

Paris 7'9" Heavy (Purple): When it comes to the Paris rod, we are talking big crank baits. Tim Horton specifically designed this rod to fish deep-diving crank baits. With a long, parabolic action and enough backbone to leverage big fish on long cast, this rod has it all. It is named for the famous Paris area of Kentucky Lake, one of the premiere deep-cranking areas of the country.

Okeechobee 8' Extra Heavy Flipping Stick (Green): The Okeechobee rod is named after the famous south Florida lake, Lake Okeechobee. When you need maximum leverage to get bass out of heavy cover, this is the rod for you. It works excellent when fishing matted vegetation, hyacinths, or any other time you have a combination of thick cover and big bass.

Warranty Information:

Warranty on rods is from the date of purchase, please keep your receipt, as it will be used to verify purchase and date. Warranty is limited, and will require replacement fees.

Azuma Fishing warranties rods against manufacturer defects. Warranty does not cover damage to tips or guides, or any issue other than manufacturer defects. The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser, and is non-transferrable. Azuma will replace or repair the rod, if the damage is deemed by Azuma, to have resulted from manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship. If it is determined that the damage to the rod is due to another cause, we will contact you to discuss your options. Please keep your proof of purchase in a safe place, as the warranty cannot be extended without it. Warranty is extended three years from the date of purchase. Replacement and shipping fees will apply. To get information on how to apply for a warranty repair/replacement, please email the Profound Outdoors customer service team at 



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